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Preview of HEADZ 3D illustration library.

Fully compatible with most common designer tools:

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Preview of HEADZ 3D illustration library.

400,000+ combinations of 3D head.

(2,300+ PNGs rendered out of the box)

HEADZ - pets edition

ICONZ - Library of 50 3D icons

Blender Generator of 3D heads

We created a Blender Generator for even easier customization. You don't need to know Blender at all. It's that easy ❤️

Hands are included 👌

Fully rigged hands with 11 hand gestures are included. Thanks to source files, you can create more hand gestures if you need them.

Are you not a master of Blender?
No problemo! 🤔

We created a short tutorial for beginners which will give you the opportunity to customize avatars even more. Believe us, you can do it.
By the way; Blender is free to use.

Have fun! 🤪

Don't put your imagination any limits and enjoy our library. Feel free to combine them together."Everything you can imagine is real." Pablo Picasso

BlendShape keys and Vicemes added 🤩

We added all 52 BlendShapes and 15 vicemes based on the current standards to all our human heads.
Now you can easily use our heads in AR or VR applications.

ARkit blendshapes and vicemes are added

Import 3D heads to Spline 🚀

We just made an easy-to-follow tutorial on how you can export our 3D HEADZ to Spline - a 3D tool for web designers.
This will open the doors to making some interactive web pages and being ahead of others 😍

ARkit blendshapes and vicemes are added


Choose the pack you want

Females only (white/brown/black)

Males only (white/brown/black)

Pets only
(husky/shiba inu/cat)

--- OR ---

ICONZ - Library of 50 3D icons

Females + Males + Pets

Money-back guarantee - Free sample

Fully compatible with most common designer tools:

What others say

"HEADZ library is awesome. These high-quality 3D images will push your landing page to the next level and help you stand out from the competition.
I promise you won't regret it."

Csaba Kissi

Founder of multiple projects

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